Our certified translation services are accepted by most of the world authorities, we work with solicitors, lawyers and others entities in your country to make sure that you get local certified translations.  If you are in the UK we will stamp and sign the translation alongside a letter of authenticity/certification and post it out first class to your specified address.

Our Certified Translation Services Cover Documents Include:

Birth Certificate Translation Marriage Certificate Translation
Death Certificate Translation Divorce Certificate Translation
Academic Certificate Translation Drivers License Translation
Insurance Documents Translation Adoption Papers Translation
Medical Report Translation Immigration Documents Translation

What are the steps to get a certified translation:

1)Send the document either by email or post (scanned documents accepted).
2)We send back a quotation.
3)Once agreed, we begin the process.
4)You receive the translation on the agreed deadline by post (original translation is needed for certification).

Levels of Certified Translation services

A standard certified translation is an appropriate solution for most cases. However, there are deeper levels of certified translations that are required for different purposes.

Notarised Translations – A notarised translation is usually requested by Government agencies and legal bodies. This process involves a Tradu24 representative attending an office of notary to sign and stamp the document. The original document is required for this level of certification.

Apostille – An apostille certified translation is used for documents which need to be presented overseas (outside the UK). The process is the same as a notarised translation with an additional step of sending the document to the Foreign and Commonwealth Office for authentication. This translation is suitable for all countries abiding to the Hague Convention.

Sworn Translation – A sworn certified translation is when the translator has sworn in front of as solicitor and notary office that they accurately conveyed the translation.

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