Why should  you trust a translation agency that knows about market research translation

The challenge when making a market research translation  is that the translator needs to stick to the source text very closely, unlike with most other translation subjects, where translators can view the text as a whole and re-write paragraphs where necessary. When translating questionnaires, for example, each individual question and each answer needs to communicate the exact same meaning and value in every language in order for the results to carry the same meaning. After all, the results will need to be measured according to the same criteria for every language.


Market Research Translation – how do we do it?

It takes an experienced and culturally sensitive translators with a marketing or research background to render the piece of research material successfully, and in a way that engages the participant at the same time. Our market research translators have to meet strict selection criteria before they are admitted onto our team. Apart from our general selection criteria – native speakers only, with a translation qualification and several years of translation experience – our market research translators also need to have worked in marketing or research. All our market research translations are checked by an equally qualified linguist and tested by a member of our QA-team. Every translation project is reviwed by a Project Manager who is the main point of contact between the client and linguists.

One of our project managers will discuss with you exactly which materials will need to be translated in what order, which languages and which format. He or she will also want to know which results will need to be translated back into the original language for analysis, and will ask for clarification if anything in your documents is unclear.

Our broad range of services is designed to cover the requirements of both qualitative and quantitative research. Specific services include:

Translation & Overlay of Web-enabled Surveys working with web-enabled formats, such as Confirmit XML exports, the Confirmit translation module, Ascribe,  Askia and SPSS
Voice-over recording / checking / editing of pre-recorded telephone interview
Desktop Publishing & Multimedia for design formats, such as Flash, Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, Quark, etc
Proof-reading & Editing   verification / back-checking of locally completed translations in Confirm it and other relevant MR software formats
Coding of Open-end Responses   coding of open-ended responses translated into English or directly in the response language
Transcriptions & Content Analysis  producing transcripts of recorded focus groups, in-depth f2f or telephone interviews in the response languages or translated directly into English
QA of ‘Live & Test’ Survey Links   checking of pre-launch questionnaires, including display format and start-to-finish cohesion
Adverse Events Reporting   ensuring that adverse events are logged and reported according to Pharma compliance guidelines
Text Translation & Localisation  translation and localisation of questionnaires, brand concepts, presentations, verbatims, opens, and a lot more
Interpreting  simultaneous, consecutive, whispering, face-to-face or telephone interpreting and interpreting equipment

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