International Search Engine Optimisation or Multilingual SEO is extremely important for any global search marketing campaign. Multilingual SEO is the process used to improve website rankings in the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPS) in different languages and countries.

Tradu24 Multilingual SEO service was developed to make websites more visible in search engines across the world with translations and seo copywrting relevant for the specific market they are targeting.

How we do a multilingual SEO project?

The first step is to made a SEO audit that includes:
– On-site content and structure analysis
– Competitors research
– Keyword research

This seo audit allows having accurate information to do a website optimization trough:

– Review or create new content guided by the principles or seo optimization.
Review the website structure making him more friendly of search engines trough somes aspects as headers, titles, keyword density, internal linking, etc.

In order to maximize the results of a Multilingual SEO we also provide international Link Building campaign to increase the exposure of a website content to search engines.

An international SEO strategy needs a powerful global content marketing. In Tradu24 we identify where your content can be improved in each international market you are present. We create local content more relevant for your potential customers and search engines and content strategies that will deliver value and ROI.


Tell us what you need and we create a fully costumized strategy to your bussiness!


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