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Translation Agency Glasgow

Translation Agency Glasgow provides comprehensive language services for the global market. We serve companies in various sectors of the Economy, with special emphasis on translations, interpreting services, localization services, transcreation services, voice over, transcription and subtitling services, texts from English into all major languages.

Small enough to know you – large enough to serve you.Translation Agency Glasgow

Our translation company’s accurate translation of your material ensures that the reader understands it perfectly. We make creative adaptation so that the finished product takes into account all pertinent idioms, expressions, and thought processes of the target language. This allows us to completely adapt (localize) products or services for foreign markets. Thanks to our translation company’s professionalism and discretion, our observance of budgets and deadlines, our company is growing fast. Our customers are industry giants, academic institutions, government institutions, software development firms, consulting firms, manufacturers, distributors, wholesalers, quality control companies, banks, insurance companies, pharmaceutical firms, law firms, etc.

They all benefit from the high quality of our services.

Always up-to-date 

We automatically detects updated pages on your website and our professional translators are notified immediately to ensure that your global website is quickly updated.

Friendly search engine

Because brilliantly translated content deserves many readers, Cobolt ensures that all the content on your website is indexable by search engines too.

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