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Technical Translation

Translation agency Hongkong is one of the leading agencies on the European translation market and it is heading towards becoming an important supplier of technical translations on the world market. With thousands of pages translated in this filed for different clients in a very short time, we have gained so much experience in various technical subfields that we can be entrusted with any task . Besides all the technical assets, we also benefit from the help of our engineers-advisers.

Legal Translation

Legal translations represent the field which may be the most requiring and sensitive in terms of accuracy and completeness. From translations of contracts, articles of association, judgements and other contractual documents to translations of laws or bills, all of them must be handled by specialist translators. Our translators are experienced and specialized in this field.

Medical Translation

When it comes to translating medical documents, it is of the utmost importance that your translation is accurately and promptly completed, and that it is fully comprehensible by the medical professionals who can rely on it. Medical and pharmaceutical texts are generally hard to understand in the source language due to the amount of specific terminology, so it is vital that the end translation is not only technically and stylistically sound, but also, more importantly, wholly intelligible to a native speaker. Please use our contact form to ask for a quick quote for your medical translation project!

Translation Agency HongkongWebsite Translation

Translating websites is one of our favourite specialities. Your website is an unique opportunity to establish a positive relationship with prosperous domestic and foreign customers, so we pay a great attention to producing something vivid and eye-catching.


Website translation doesn’t have to be a painful and unpleasant experience, and working with us will ensure it isn’t. We can work directly with any file formats ensuring there is no copying and pasting for you:

All web file formats
Navigation menus, Images, Graphics, Charts, Tables, Diagrams
InDesign, QuarkXPress, MS Word, MS Publisher, Photoshop, Illustrator

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