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Welcome to your gateway to professional translation interpreting services from Translation Company Antwerp, where your business is our business. Naturally, when you are looking for the best business translations service, or perhaps the best interpreting services, you are looking for accuracy, effectiveness and specialist knowledge.

At Translation Company Antwerp, that’s exactly what you get.

Let our international team of professional and qualified language specialists ensure your success. With expertise in all major languages and experience in a wide range of industries.

We bring quality to language

We take immense care of your texts. Our experts only translate into their mother tongues and are chosen based on their specialization area, which they obtain through experience and/or higher education.

Quality not only assumes a central role here at Translation Company Antwerp, but is built into our structure: our translation management system provides us with the necessary process-oriented quality assurance, and the use of CAT tools helps to ensure consistency of terminology and adherence to corporate languages. Our infrastructure and working methods continuously keep pace with the latest developments in communication technology.

Languages we translate

French Translation Portuguese Translation
Spanish Translation German Translation
Italian Translation English Translation

Other services we offer

Document Translation Transcription Services
Interpreting Services Certified Translation
Transcreation Services Localisation Services

Translation Company Antwerp


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