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It has been many years since translation company Bonn was created. During this time translation company Bonn have successfully achieved our objective of giving client satisfaction thanks to the many partners throughout the world.

Translation Company Bonn have steadily increased our knowledge with respect to language development in order to guarantee a consistent high translation quality at all times. Constant brushing-up of our knowledge about the state of the art and an appropriate use of topical dictionaries is especially required in the field of technical translation.

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Software translation Bonn

Software translation implies more than just the mere translation of the product’s user interface. In order to reach a larger audience, companies must adapt to the target country’s culture. Localization, in this case, stands for the complex operation that consists in translating the software and also in adapting it according to the linguistic conventions and cultural specifics of the users from the target country.

Software must be written in such a way so that it would be quite easy to adapt (i.e. translated) later, according to necessities, into different cultures and languages. Localization and internationalization go hand in hand.

Internationalization consists, basically, in developing a product in several languages. All the parts of software that need to be translated are separated from the software itself and adapted to the specifications of the country for which the software is meant to.

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Every act of communication is an act of translation.


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