Translation company  BremenTranslation Company  Bremen

A Professional Game Localization  that Keeps the Experience Authentic in Any Language

Your graphics are intense.  Your effects are awesome.  You’ve got a big hit on your hands, as long as the game remains in its native language. But, what happens when it’s time to export/download it into other countries?

You need more than mere language translations of the video games.  Translation is only part of the process.  To ensure a truly authentic experience for your players – regardless of their nationality – you must have Translation Company  Bremen.

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Game Localization that Lets Your New Target  Markets with Confidence

Games translation services that create a consistent gaming experience for multiple platforms — including personal computers, game consoles and smartphones — is increasingly important in the global marketplace. Coming from a technology background, Tradu24 understands how to use video game localization to make your video games come alive. In fact, our video game translations help you to maintain the high standards that the gaming communities around the world have come to expect.

Video games come accompanied by a variety of texts, for example manuals, dubbing scripts, and subtitles that need translating, but they also have other type of texts in a format only common to utility software, like a word processor, or an internet browser. All these programs have one thing in common: information and commands available at the click of a button. It is what we call ‘interactivity’. The interactive element of computer programs has serious consequences for translators because it means that access to texts and information is random, i.e., each user will activate a particular message or command at a different point, or not at all. An arbitrary sequence of events does not allow for linear texts and contextual information, therefore, translators lose two of the most important sources needed in the decision making process: co-text and context. When the program is still unfinished or no localization kit has been prepared, some information is still available, although difficult to obtain, from similar manuals, the localization manager, or the actual technical team responsible for the software. Esselink (2000) is probably one of the best references for the localization of utility software and web pages.

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Translation company  Bremen


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