Translation company  Brunswick / Braunschweig

Legal expertise 

Translation company Brunswick / Braunschweig

Translation company Brunswick / Braunschweig specializes in providing language services to the legal profession. Translation company Brunswick / Braunschweig translators and interpreters have extensive experience and are well versed in legal terminology, and our project managers are sensitive to the specific work needs of legal clients, from translating litigation documents to providing interpretation for court hearings.

Legal Translation

Getting your legal translation quickly and accurately is absolutely critical whether it is for smooth business transactions, individuals needs or legal proceedings. Within the legal sector, there are various glossaries and jargon for insurance, criminal and civil cases, as well as commercial legal documents. At Translation company Brunswick / Braunschweig, we strive to ensure that we have the knowledge to deliver a legal translation that is appropriate for the right legal use. Translation company Brunswick / Braunschweig main clients are commercial law firms, immigration and Home Office services, insurance firms and intellectual property and patent law firms.

Our Legal Translation Services

Whoever we are providing an interpreter with , we place quality service, experience and knowledge at the top of our list of priorities. In reality, we appreciate that meetings in your office are very different to appearances in court, and therefore we match skills to your requirements.

Firstly, Translation company Brunswick / Braunschweig provides highly experienced legal interpreters and translators for your legal translation. We also run our own in-house training and provide legal glossaries to interpreters who are at the beginning of their career development.

For more information go to our legal page.

Hand your translations to a lawyer specialized in legal translation.

Translation company  Brunswick / Braunschweig


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