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Translation company  Dresden

Translation company  Dresden proudly offers e-learning translation services and e-learning interpreting services

Translation Company  Dresden is proud to provide a wide-range of e-learning translation services and e-learning interpreting services to the entire e-learning training industry sector, including online colleges and universities, online training companies, online learning consultants and any organization that conducts business globally. As we continue to see more and more companies relying on web-based training programs to reach employees working all over the world, the e-learning industry is evolving into a truly global enterprise, and one where professional, accurate and timely translation services are in high demand.  We are also continuing to see a rise in the number of students enrolling in online courses, thanks to the convenience, accessibility and cost-effectiveness associated with distance learning.

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E-Learning Translation

E-Learning translation is a constant challenge in an exciting and fast-growing sector such as the e-learning, but it’s also a highly specialized one. To make sure our e-learning clients always get translations faithful to their work , we only provide them with highly-skilled linguists who understand e-learning and know the particular industry sector. It’s a simple practice, but it’s also one that guarantees end results that exceed our clients’ expectations time after time.

Our e-learning translation services team produces clear and compelling work that stretches from course-ware, customer service and health & safety information right through to induction programs, software systems and legal compliance or CSR. We’ve already helped big-name clients from sectors including IT, healthcare, telecoms, legal and automotive, and we’re as confident handling UIs, online help and graphics ,as well as audio files, course documentation and a variety of other specialist file types.

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Translation company  Dresden

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