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Translation Company Hannover is a professional translation firm that offers you top-quality, speed and competitive English, Chinese, and other language translation services at a the highest level. Your satisfaction is guaranteed. Translation Company Hannover has earned the trust of corporate clients by establishing itself as one of the most respected professional translation companies in  Hannover. We provide professional services to a wide spectrum of clients, including major law and CPA firms, listed companies, leading merchant bankers, prestigious financial printing houses, and industrial leaders. At Translation Company Hannover, we speak your language. Our translators are not only linguists but also professional in law and finance. Rather than spending time arguing the merits of different translation firms, we prefer to spend our energy by giving our customers the best service. Your schedules are tight; your deadlines are short; your demands are high: Flexibility is their answer to your urgent requests. For special requests, our translator task force can complete your most pressing job within a period measured in hours, not days.

Have you heard of transcreation but aren’t really sure what it is?

Well, transcreation, or creative translation or international copy adaptation as you might have heard it, is the art of adapting advertising and marketing copies from one language to another while keeping the key message, tone and style intact.

And transcreation really is an art. It is a complex process and normally comes with several obstacles to overcome.

How would Cheeky Wipes, an Eco-friendly baby wipe manufacturer, communicate internationally with its slogan “Making a bum job better”? Simply translating it would leave its international consumers wondering about such an odd slogan.

When preparing your slogans, straplines and advertising campaigns, consider Comtec’s team of international copywriters to ensure the most appropriate adaptation. As part of the service, we will provide a selection of transcreation options for each strapline or slogan and also back translations to ensure you can get a feel for each one.

Translation company Hannover

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