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Are you looking for a translation company who can provide high-quality but low-cost translation services? We are the Translation Company Regina, at your service. Translation Company Regina is an online translation resource that enables individuals and businesses to translate documents, web sites and typed texts for a variety of needs, in a very simple way. By offering a choice of free computer translation and professional human translation options, we ensure that users receive the right quality translation, on time and within the budget. With unique visitors a month, Translation Company Regina is currently one of the most popular destinations for online translation.

Translation Company Regina has been a leader in professional translation and language technology for many years.

By offering a choice of professional translation options and the most advanced technology, we ensure that our customers have the content translated with highest standards, economically and quickly.
Thousands of companies around the world trust our translation solutions to provide high quality localized content,  to improve customer experience management, and to enable global communication across languages.
Language translation in Regina
French Translation Portuguese Translation
Spanish Translation German Translation
Italian Translation English Translation

Bringing quality to language

We take immense care of your texts. Our experts only translate into their mother tongues and are chosen based on their specialization area, which they obtain through experience and/or higher education.

Quality not only assumes a central role here at Translation Company Regina, but is built into our structure: our translation management system provides us with the necessary process-oriented quality assurance, and the use of CAT tools helps to ensure consistency of terminology and adherence to corporate languages. Our infrastructure and working methods continuously keep pace with the latest developments in communication technology.

Translation Company ReginaTop quality, fast and inexpensive translations from the industry leader

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