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Translation Company Trois-Rivières is an international translation agency that provides language service solutions for clients from different industries based all around the world. We are a team of very experienced people who speak many languages and have been working in the translation industry for many years. Translation Company Trois-Rivières also employs and maintains strong relationships with more than 5,000 language specialists all over the world. Our in-country translators provide us with the local expertise necessary to ensure that your global content is well suited to any of your export markets.

A quality translation is the Translation Company Trois-Rivières key component. Therefore, we treat quality issues very seriously. To make sure our language services meet your business requirements, we have developed an unique five- stage quality assurance process which includes:

Vendor selection – Translation Company Trois-Rivières Quality Assurance begins even before we accept your order, by means of selecting the most reliable and professional translators. Every translator is required to pass a very strict qualification process which includes a subject-specific language test, verification of past experience, a reference check, and a trial period in which prospective translators are screened not only for language proficiency, but also for technical knowledge, their ability to follow instructions, and on-time delivery. Only the best translators pass and retained in our database of active linguists.

Understanding your translation quality requirements – Most language service issues we are facing, have very little to do with obvious translation mistakes, because every project handled by Translation Company Trois-Rivières runs through a very strict project management and quality assurance process, which reduces the possibility of such mistakes to a minimum. Instead, we sometimes have to deal with a mismatch of assumptions and goals for our clients. Precise information on the purpose of the translation, the industry, the subject, the market, the audience and media, along with any reference materials, will help us to deliver  perfectly translated documents.

Using special translation software tools where appropriate – Translation software, more technically known as CAT tools, helps to translate documents more efficiently, and to ensure consistent terminology within all documents. Besides, with an improved text consistency, our clients can also benefit from a significantly reduction of the rates for repeated segments of the text. However, CAT tools are not appropriate for all jobs, once the translation memories cannot be used for marketing, literature and other creative texts which require variation throughout.

Collecting your feedback – Collecting customer feedback is an essential part of the Translation Company Trois-Rivières language service, as it shows our strengths and weaknesses and allows us to constantly improve our work and customer service. This is why customer surveys are carried out at least once every four months.

Post-delivery – Translation Company Trois-Rivières provides a 100% service guarantee for all your translations. If you are not completely satisfied with our work, then we will fix any problems, free of charge, until the work meets your requirements.

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