Today profit maximisation involves reaching beyond national markets. Accessing an international customer base is vital if a company wants to expand and trade internationally.

Can I reach international customers through my localised translated website?

Absolutely! Do you reach national customers through your website? Is your website the first point of contact? Do you receive online-enquiries? Does your website help you sell or give information about your products? If the answer is Yes to any of the above, then you have an opportunity to increase your customer base by targeting new markets through our website localisation services.

How do we localise/ localize a website?

First, it is vital to look at the translation of your website as an overall localisation project involving a deep understanding of the culture that you are trying to reach. Tradu24 will involve a team comprising of a project manager, a cultural consultant, a web specialist and a translator to successfully localise your website. The result is a faster time to market and a greater ROI.

Our web specialists are experienced in all aspects of HTML, CSS and server-side languages as well as cross-browser compatibility, W3C standards, search engine optimisation, which can also be streamlined alongside the translation to correctly configure the website.

Once your translations have been completed, our in-house web specialists will deal with the full technical localisation of your website ensuring that it is as close to the original as possible.

What are the main benefits of having my website localised?

Website localisation crosses language barriers.

32% of internet users around the world are non-native English speakers.

Website localisation increases revenue.

Billions of dollars, pounds and Euros in potential revenue are lost each year due to lack of investment in website localisation services. Most internet users will naturally feel more comfortable and understand a company better if their information, products or services are presented in their native language.

Website localisation builds credibility.

If your company only has a site in the local language and your competitor has theirs in all major languages, which one will gain more credibility? – Most likely, the latter. Localisation of your website demonstrates that you are a truly international player.

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