Medical translation is a highly specialised field and should only be carried out by suitably qualified translators. That’s why we only ever work with  specialized translators who have experience in the particular medical field of the text to be translated. Our translators are carefully selected and the quality of their work is throughly checked.

Tradu24 provides certified translations of medical documents in the following areas:

Clinical: Regulatory: Legal: Marketing & Advertising:
Clinical trials Dossiers Patents Brochures
Medical reports Exhibits Contracts Marketing and Materials
Protocols IFUs Patent applications for foreign filing
Case report forms Labeling
Informed consent forms Clinical summaries

Our translators are highly qualified and experienced, specialising in medical and pharmaceutical translations, and work only into their native language.

Regulatory Compliance and Certification of Translation Accuracy

Medical translation requires precision and up-to-date technical knowledge by every member of our translation team. It also requires multiple levels of quality control and a full understanding of stringent regulatory laws, especially for the US, the European Union and Japan. Whether translating patient case report forms for FDA submission or packaging for in-vitro devices to comply with the EU’s IVDD directive, there can be no compromise where the spheres of language and healthcare regulation converge. That is why our medical translations are translated and Certified for Translation Accuracy by Medical Professionals.

  • Medical translation services for patents, contracts, journal articles, training material, software, business reports, proposals, A/V presentations, multilingual Web sites, and other materials needed to support global business and information gathering from foreign sources
  • Simultaneous and consecutive interpreting services for conferences, training, negotiations, medical exams, hospital patient needs, etc. for real-time language assistance
  • Production services such as DTP and A/V in more than 50 languages to complete the language conversion process
  • Fast turnaround through an online ordering and delivery service with machine translation in 10 languages paired with English and augmented by human editing or translation without MT
  • Significant time and cost savings through the use of translation memory tools to capture and re-use translations for texts with repetitions
  • Control of correct terminology by maintaining client databases with automatic look-up for full terminology consistency
  • Medical translation that covers 115 languages
  • Notarized certification of translation when requested

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