When it comes to foreign language Voice Over projects, you can provide us with the material for which you require the Voice Over and let Tradu24 do the rest. We translate the script into the language(s) you desire, taking into account any technical issues along the way such as text length and reading time. Then using our extensive database of hundreds of international Voice Over artists, we find the right voice for you. According to your specific requirements of age, gender and tone type, we are able to supply the Voice Over artists to the studio of your choice or if needed we can organize the recording session for you.

For a Voice Over quotation please contact us.

Why should you ask a quote request for Voice Over?

We charge per word translated and there is no hiden fees. Your quote will be sent to you in less than 1 hour. We only use native translators, your translations will be revised by a second professional. We translate from and into most of the languages of the world. We use the latest tecnhology to ensure the best results of our translation services.

We offer a complete solution, from translation and proofreading to DTP services and multi-channel output solutions.

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